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"As a fellow real estate investor and rehabber, I highly recommend Gayle White and her team. She is a meticulous home renovator that takes great pride in her work. Her homes are absolutely beautiful and she really cares that things are done the right way. When you purchase an Eagle home, you know you are purchasing a quality product! Gayle and Stephen always stand behind their work!"

— Janice Kocot LaBroad (Associate Partner Keller Williams Realty)


"Gayle has an extraordinary passion for rehabilitation of homes, turning them from neglected spaces to inviting places to live, enjoying life! All of her work is done with attention to detail, a sense of beauty, and the use of exceptional materials. 

Gayle is interested in providing places to live that are enjoyable and finished with a quality of care that makes the new owner, or occupant, feel comfortable being 'at home'!"

— Pati Stillwater (Easthampton, MA)

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"Gayle's level of professionalism speaks for itself. Her keen attention to detail and ability to adapt to challenges are what makes me confident in her suggestions and input. I know that she is a key member of my board and I am excited that she is on my team."

— Cynthia Clemons BSN, RN (Executive Director, Village Keepers, Inc)

"I am writing this testimonial to recommend Stephen and Gayle White of Eagle Home Buyers. My parents passed away in 2015 and 2016. They didn’t have a will and Mass Health had a lien on their house. My siblings lived out of state. The house was in disrepair. I took what I wanted and walked away. The house has been empty since. Eagle Home Buyers sent numerous letters inquiring about the house. I wish I had answered the first one. I told Stephen I couldn’t do anything with the house and explained the circumstances. He told me he would look into [it] and he did. Eagle Home Buyers found out all the information and handled everything. All I had to do was sign my name. Stephen explained it all to me perfectly and did exactly as he said. They helped me tremendously with what I thought was a lost cause. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the results, I would recommend them to anyone."

— Lynne A. (Springfield, MA)

"It was a pleasure to have done business with Eagle Home Buyers and their associates. I was having to deal with a  family member's estate while I was living out of state and Eagle Home Buyers stepped up to take care of the property in Chicopee. They came up with the solutions that were best for me and handled all the paperwork and running around that was necessary. All the time they were in contact explaining what could be done, and how, waiting for my OK to do so. When papers needed signing, they would meet me at my convenience. Overall, they took a hard situation and made it much simpler for me, taking a large burden off our shoulders. Thank you to all at Eagle Home Buyers. "

— George (Rockville, CT)

"​When I had to sell my home, Eagle Home Buyers, LLC, were there to help me through the process.  They accommodated my schedule and explained the entire process ahead of time so I knew what to expect. Despite the short-sale process, we were able to satisfy the bank while respecting my privacy. ​I would encourage anyone needing to sell their property for any reason to contact Stephen & Gayle White and see if a solution to your particular issue is feasible. ​Thanks, Eagle Home Buyers, LLC for providing closure to this situation so that I can get on with my life."

— Deb P. (Springfield, MA)

"​Eagle Home Buyers were very polite and courteous people.  They came over and introduced themselves and offered to assist with the peeling paint on my house. They power washed the peeling paint and painted my house.  It was a great help and I greatly appreciated the gift. Now I can hold my head up when walking into my home. Thanks, Eagle Home Buyers!" 

— Michelle D. (Springfield Home Owner)

"​When I walked through the front door I instantly felt at home. I felt peace for the first time in many years. Ever since my husband passed away from complications from Agent Orange from serving in Vietnam, I have never felt such peace. I am in remission from cancer myself. This home is a second chance to start over and be happy again. It is a small place to call my own. Thank you.

— Helen D. (Home Buyer)


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